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Power to the Posters!

November 30, 2008

The past year saw international activism and an explosion of social media combine to dethrone an ailing, evil empire and create staggering global support for long-time underdog, Barack Obama. It’s easy to forget now that the transition is well underway just how unlikely a candidate Obama was when he started his presidential campaign almost two years ago.

I’m not going to get into American race relations, save to say how happy I am that the wheel of progress continues to turn.

The other major, defining issue of the campaign was the internet and how astutely the Obama campaign used it to take grassroots support to unthinkable new highs. The Obama team harnessed the blogosphere to collect record-breaking amounts in donations, debunk a steady barrage of lies and keep the world informed of every highlight along the campaign trail. They also inadvertently inspired a global community of designers to take up arms and create hundreds of iconic images of the young senator. The creative side of the official and unofficial campaigns must not be overlooked as a major factor in bringing in so many young people.

It didn’t hurt that his speeches were sending typographers on a field day and that he’s much better looking than your average politician, especially say, a maniacal septuagenarian.

What a wonderful time it was to be interested in politics. There’s no question a large portion of the blogosphere is suffering from activism withdrawal. A daily sense of additional purpose has been satisfied for many of us. Fortunately, a small vestige of design activism still exists to help fill the void. Power to the Posters is the perfect fix for those of you still feeling the urge to express important messages about social change. The concept is wonderfully simple and will appeal to newbies and seasoned professionals; create and submit a high-quality B&W poster (or just download one from the gallery). Print out a bunch of copies. Post it and wait for the world to change.

Not only is it comforting to see these trends in new media proliferating, but in a more important way, now that Obama has been rightly elected, our focus is free to shift to the abundance of other ills plaguing the planet. What would you like to see different?

Head on over to get involved and check out their amazing posters!

I couldn’t resist. There’s no such thing as ‘honour killings’.

(Submitted earlier today, Justin from PTTP says it should be up soon. You guys get the exclusive!)